Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Dillydally Breeze!

We arrived home a week ago today...
...this is why I haven't left the house since!  There are 33 steps required to get from the house up to where our vehicles are parked.
This is the top of the stairs ... yep, 22 feet of snow really piles up!
This is our Ford Explorer ... it's ok ... I am unable to drive anyway. ;-)

So much of the dillydally lifestyle is about being proactive ... dillydallying means doing something ... being and feeling productive!  My challenge has been how to accomplish that while my knee is elevated and iced!  ;-)  I'm sorry... I can't help but giggle.  If you were a fly on the wall and could see how silly I look here in the recliner ... how I've built this work station around me ... all within an arms reach.  Believe me, it is very funny looking!

Now ... to show you my dillydally progress over the past two days!
The magazine articles and pattern that I wanted to save have been put in protective covers ...
... and organized with dividers into categories ...
... it became very obvious what types of quilts I like the most!  Yep ... Star themed quilts have always been my favorite!
Here they are ... on the shelves in Dillydallydom ... easily accessible to inspire myself and others!  Honestly ... I would have put this task off forever if I were able to do other things.  A piece of silver lining within this dark cloud of knee pain!

Next ... I began working on the knitting magazines and one page patterns.  But a dillydally breeze came my way ... and I got distracted. ;-)  Oops!
Yep ... came across this pattern, Baby Merry-Jane Booties by Bekah.knits ... went to my yarn stash ... grabbed my needles ... and knit like a fool!  I just HAD to make them.  They are so "stinkin cute" ... I can hardly stand it!  I knew my dillydally groove was coming back when I responded to a whim and could focus on a project!  I was so excited that I could not wait until the booties were blocked to share them with you!

Mr. DillyDally has been "Mr. Wonderful" by accommodating my every request for assistance and running the errands I cannot do for myself!  He has been terrific, but I think he is happy to see glimpses of my former self returning.

Yep ... the fresh air provided by these dillydally breezes has been great ... very healing ... let the winds blow!
Do what you love!  Enjoy the breeze!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. I know I've said this before, but it looks like you got our winter! That's what it looked like here last soon will melt.

    Glad your recovery is going well and that you have still found time to dilly-dally!

  2. That picture of your steps makes me think...DillyDally Brrrrrrrr......

  3. Great idea to put patterns in the notebooks! I have one notebook, but my magazines are a mess. I should at least put them in order. The booties are adorable!!! I'm glad you are keeping occupied and hope your knee will heal quickly.